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This low butterfly EFI step-up is a hybrid system developed at Rothsport for dual purpose on the both racing and street engines. The ultilization of 6 individual throttle bodies provides the greatest throttle response improvements over single throttle body applications and will allow the use of radical camshafts without disturbing drivability. The addition of the resonance intake plenum enhances both the bottom and mid-range torque characteristics of the engine, giving you car more power off a corner or at a stoplight. This system is the premier set-up ultilized on the 3.0L Spec 911 Series engines.

This system incorporates a simple throttle linkage assembly which is designed to utilize the stock throttle rod.

System Includes:
Additional Items Required:

Air Intake Plenum (dependent on engine size)
Intake Manifolds (2 or 3 bolt heads)
6 Individual Throttle Valves
Intake Trumpets (Velocity Stacks)
Air Cleaner Adaptors, Baseplates, & Filter Assembly
Billet Throttle Linkage
Fuel Rails
Fuel Pressure Regulator Housing

Fuel Injectors
Fuel Pressure Regulator
ECU Unit
ECU Wiring Harness
Misc. Sensors (i.e. Crankshaft, MAP, Temp, etc.)
Crankshaft Trigger Wheel





Low Butterfly EFI Intake System with Resonance Intake Plenum
SKU: RS-xxx
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