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Rothsport CP European 95mm 9.8:1 forged pistons are direct replacement pistons for 3.0L CIS and 3.2L Motronic engines running 91/ 92 octane street fuel. We manufacture these pistons to work with used Mahle cylinders.  We recommend you send us your cylinders to be honed  to size and replated with Nikisil if necessary.  This is a cost effective alternative to purchasing a new set of Mahle pistons and cylinders. Our pistons are also more durable since they are forged, rather than cast. The piston kit includes pistons, wrist pins, clips and plasma nitrided rings. These pistons are approved for the PCA and PRC Spec 911 racing class.

This is a great way to make more power, increase longevity and save money!



3.0L CIS
95mm Pistons
SKU: RS-3.0P
No Longer Available

3.2L Motronic
95mm Pistons

SKU: RS-3.2P
No Longer Available

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